Curse You Waldo!!!

Today was supposed to be the day that Waldo and I broke up. The day that he was pulverized into tiny pieces making it easier to get him out of my life. However, apparently Waldo had other plans this morning.

I showed up to the surgery center nice and early as requested. I hadn’t had food or water since last night at dinner and I was grumpy. I’m just not nice when I don’t get my morning coffee, luckily my mean side is internal and I don’t take it out on other people. I got registered and they took me back to prep me for my procedure. The whole process from start to finish was only going to take about an hour and I was ready to say goodbye to Waldo.

Before putting me under anesthesia, they took a look inside my kidney with the high powered X-Ray machine. I could tell that there was an issue because the doctor kept moving the table and the machine around all over the place. My doctor came in and they were speaking in hushed tones to one another which usually means something is wrong. Well Waldo, apparently wanted to play hide and seek. Despite every angle this high powered X-Ray took of my kidney, there was no Waldo in there. Zero, zilch, nada. My doctor kept asking “Have you been in a lot of pain lately? Any problems going to the bathroom?” There is no possible way I could have passed a stone that size on my own, so where the heck did it go? Well all that prep was for nothing because the procedure was canceled and I was sent back home. At least I got covered with awesome warm blankets while I was there because the saline they were giving me in the IV was freezing it seemed.

My next step is to make another appointment with my doctor in two weeks. He’s going to do another X-ray and try to find Waldo again. The thing about Lithotripsy is that it is a very precise procedure. They can’t simply just send the pulses into your entire body cavity and hope for the best, they have to point the ultrasound waves specifically at the stone in order to reach maximum effectiveness for breaking it up. It just figures that my body can’t do anything simply, it has to be difficult. I should learn to not expect anything less from myself. However frustrated was my word for this morning (along with a few choice others because I still hadn’t had any coffee).

Waldo and I are still living together but he comes and goes as he pleases and generally isn’t too bad of a roommate. I could do without the constant fatigue and the back soreness when peeing, but other than that I have to say that Ted the tumor (ovarian tumor from 2013) was a much worse roomie and harder to evict. Waldo will eventually get what’s coming to him, at this rate it will just be later than sooner.

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