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So last weekend I went to visit my girlfriend in Texas. Originally we had scheduled this visit to be super fun and exciting back in October when my tickets were purchased. In December she interviewed and got offered a position at a new job, which meant moving. Of course this move was scheduled on the weekend of my visit, just our luck. So less excitement and more getting down to business, not a problem for me.

I left early Saturday morning from my nice warm bed in Atlanta to head to a chilly Fort Worth TX. I’m definitely a travel retard and it took me a bit to figure out where I even needed to go to get onto the plane. In my defense the Atlanta airport is HUGE and it’s not exactly easy to navigate. I was on time and boarded safely then was in the air. I read most of the time during the flight and I was served canned water. I’ve never drank water out of a can so this was new to me and very weird. I just pretended it was soda in my mind. I got to Fort Worth and we went to breakfast at Denny’s. I absolutely love Denny’s because there is food there that I can eat! Decent food too. She and I shared an omelette then we were off to the Uhaul place to pick up the truck.

She got a 10ft truck, which I figured would be fine given the last time I saw her (almost 5 years ago), she didn’t have much stuff. Well….women collect items, lots of items and in her case furniture. Let’s just say that 10ft truck filled up quickly and required some very tetris like moves to maximize the load capacity. It was a learning experience and I’m glad that she had all the help she did because lifting all that ourselves would have sucked.

We got lunch and waited at the new place for the folks to bring her keys and help with the unload. We got unloaded then had to return the Uhaul. I got the privilege of driving her car (a Cube) from Dallas to Fort Worth so we could pick up another load of smaller boxes and clothes. It made for a long night, we didn’t get back to the new place until around 10pm and we were spent. I think we both went into comas that night.

Sunday was a beautiful day in Dallas. It was sunny and the temps got into the upper 60’s so it made for the perfect shopping day. It started with a trip to Starbucks, which is right down the street from her new place. As we enjoyed our tasty beverages, we made lists of things that she needed to pick up for the new place. We spent the day leisurely strolling through stores, getting plenty of decorating ideas and just being girls. Lunch was had, which was delicious then more shopping. We went back to the new place to sit for a bit before heading off to a delicious dinner of all you can eat sushi. I’m certain we both ate entirely too much sushi but we deserved it after all the hard work we put in shopping. Plus the green tea at the restaurant was amazing, it complimented the meal well. Did I mention that we also got quite a bit unpacked and put away on Sunday as well, the kitchen and bathroom especially. Totally important to have the kitchen organized for the week.

Her boxes weren't labeled

Her boxes weren’t labeled

Monday was spent with us rushing against the clock it seemed. We got up late, so we skipped our Starbucks run and used her Keurig instead. She dyed my hair which turned out beautifully (thank you very much!) but we ran out of time to do my nails, (I chipped my polish all to hell on Saturday moving). We managed to fit in lunch at an amazing french cafe called La Madeline’s. I had the most awesome spinach, chicken, strawberry, walnut, balsamic salad. Huge, but so worth it! We went to a doggy boutique to look around because there was too much cuteness in there to not go in. Then we went to Sprinkles bakery. This bakery is so awesome that they have a cupcake ATM. I’m not kidding, it’s an ATM machine that dispenses cupcakes. Unfortunately the ATM machine at that location wasn’t working, but I was still impressed. I had a delicious red velvet (gluten free) cupcake with homemade cream cheese frosting. I haven’t had cupcakes in years, so it almost made me cry, but I held myself together. I brought home a German chocolate one for the hubby and a dark chocolate one for the kiddo.

This is the one in Dallas

This is the one in Dallas

Headed to the airport and wasn’t quite ready to leave. I felt like we spent time together getting plenty of stuff done, but it didn’t seem like quality time. It was like work, rather than a vacation. Well it’s her turn to come to Atlanta for the next visit and I told her I wasn’t going to make her work while she was here. Even though there was so much to do, I think the trip overall was a blast. I got to travel to two cities I’d never been to, eat delicious foods, go to a gourmet cupcake bakery, meet a super cute pooch (Fancy) and see her new place which is so much larger and more amazing than her last place. Even I’m jealous of all the storage space her new place has.

I got home after a brief delay at the airport and was so ready for bed. Flying just takes it out of me and I don’t know why, maybe it’s that huge hour time difference between TX an GA….lol! Good trip, met some good people and had some fun. I’m looking forward to more trips in the future with less moving involved!

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