Where’s Waldo?

Went to the urologist this morning to find out the cause of my back pain and the flu like symptoms that I’ve been having since last Tuesday. An X-Ray revealed that the ever elusive kidney stone is still residing in my kidney. I made the comment to the doctor that the stone “came back” and he corrected me with “the stone never left”. What? Back in September when I had the surgery to remove the stone scheduled they took a pre-op x-ray and the stone was gone. How could it never have left?

Well in the September edition of Where’s Waldo (yes I’m calling my stone Waldo) the stone decided that it was a good idea to hide in a gas cloud provided by my colon. The doctor showed me the X-Ray from September and there is no indication at all that the kidney stone was there. All you can see is a black shadow clouding that area of my kidney. They took images from different angles hoping to find the stone then and it was “gone”. It’s a common mistake that can be made when your body decides to play Where’s Waldo with the doctor.

Today Waldo was bright and showing himself off to the world. There is no denying that he needs to vacate and soon. Waldo measures just over 2mm which doesn’t sound too big until you take into consideration that my ureter tube is only about 1.8mm wide. Over time Waldo would make his way down to the tube and try to exit but be way too big to come on down. So a lithotripsy is in order so he and I can break up and he can move on out of my life.

So it’s looking like after my trip to Texas to visit my girlfriend this weekend I get to come home and have surgery, oh goody! It’s a non-invasive procedure but I will have to be put under anesthesia for it. Then with some recovery time I should be back on my feet and Waldo free. This will make the second week that I haven’t been able to workout due to inflammation in my kidney so I’m definitely looking forward to that no longer being an issue.

Definitely not how I wanted to start my week but at least now I know what is causing the issue and how we are going to deal with it.


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