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I have to say that since I decided to tackle 2015 with a more positive attitude than I have in previous years, I have felt amazing. I have had more energy and have been more able to get things done than before. I’m tired of letting bad attitudes and laziness consume me and give me days where I just lay around and do nothing. That’s not going to help me achieve goals, that’s not going to make the life changes I want to make. So I decided to get more organized in my daily life and make sure that I have at least one hour of the day for me time (which is when I go to the gym). So far so good and I’m hoping that my energy levels and good attitudes continue throughout the rest of the year.

I am adding more content to my blog as you may have noticed. I now have a menu for recipes, measurements of success and travels. I figured that by adding more content it will allow people to get to know me better and see the things that I do and love. This year I’m all about trying new things, whether it be a new workout, a new place to hike, a new recipe for dinner, I want to try it. Yesterday I started with trying out a new dinner recipe which I posted about and it turned out super amazing. The kids liked it, the hubby liked it and even my friend who had stopped by to hang out liked it. It made me feel good to know that I took a risk, tried something new and it was a success.

I’m doing my yoga more now, which is really helping with back pain. It also is helping with mood elevation and ability to focus. I knew that once I started doing it consistently again I would feel better and I was right. It’s nice to know that I’m doing good things for myself and that I’m potentially preventing health problems for when I’m older.

I’m creating menus for our dinners weekly now. It totally helps to know what I need to make each day so I can prep the night before if need be. Right now I’m loving crock pot meals and casseroles that are easy to put together. I’d much rather spend my days doing other things than cooking meals. If I wanted to spend all day in the kitchen, well I’d be a chef! However with the cold weather that is coming in this week, those crock pot warm meals will do us some good. I’m looking forward to the new recipes I’m trying and hoping they turn out as good as last night’s did.

I’ve lost one pound since last time I weighed in. That’s my tiny success for this week. I was concerned that I had hit another plateau again but it seems like my body was just building up some much needed muscle and now it will be able to start burning the fat that I have left. I will take body measurements soon and post those as well. It’s better to keep track of my successes through inches lost rather than pounds lost. Right now all I care about honestly is I feel healthy and great, I sleep good at night (most of the time) and I am able to move around better without pains and inflammation. Overall these past 5 days have been awesome and I can’t wait for more to come!

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