Detoxing and Healing

Happy New Year everyone! Last night I decided to ring in the new year at home with my family, drinking some delicious blended alcoholic beverages and just chilling. Well the alcohol of choice last night was a churro flavored beverage. It’s a bottled mix that you just add to ice and blend. For those of you who don’t know what a churro is, it’s a fried dessert like a bread stick that is covered in cinnamon and sugar. I used to eat them when we’d go to Disneyland, they were delicious. The beverage was delicious too. I had 4 glasses (about 16oz each) of this concoction. I was drunk by 9pm and realized that I still had 3 hours until the new year.


I drank until there was nothing left and we rang in the new year then promptly went to bed. I woke up this morning and I was so sick to my stomach and just felt absolutely terrible. It was a pretty strong reminder as to why I no longer drink like that. It’s just not good for your body. For the first time, I wasn’t even able to finish my morning cup of coffee because it was making my stomach feel worse. I managed to eat some toast and a banana for breakfast and started drinking water instead. While breakfast settled, I read some magazines on my iPad and texted back and forth with my girlfriend. I was starting to feel more human but I knew that I needed something more.

I got off my butt and did my yoga. It’s been so long since I’ve done the program, that my balance is horrid. I’m starting over from square one again with this practice. That’s ok with me because I needed it. I completed the whole program (45 minutes) and felt better. My muscles weren’t as tight and I felt more centered. However I felt like I needed something more yet again.


I got into the shower and did a total detox cleansing. I used my shea butter sugar scrub with kukui oil in it and just washed away all the negative things from 2014 and all the alcohol that my body was sweating out. It was rejuvenating and I came out of that shower feeling healed and lighter in body and spirit. I now have a clean slate to continue my new year in a positive way instead of spending the day sick and feeling regretful of my choices from last night.


Some chicken soup, 7 grain crackers and water will be my lunch. I am craving healthy good foods today, nothing greasy or loaded with calories. Simple healthy stuff. (I could totally go for a huge fruit bowl or salad right now). I will not be consuming alcohol again, I think that my body told me what it thought of that and it would appreciate me not doing that again. Next new year’s if I feel like having some tasty frozen beverage, I’ll make sure it’s a fruit smoothie with some protein! My wagon derailed last night and in all honesty the taste of the drinks was not worth how I felt this morning. I’m taking responsibility for my actions and now it’s time to move on and continue on the path to health and healing. Here’s to an amazing 2015!

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