What will 2015 Hold?

Today is the eve of New Years Eve which means that 2015 is almost here. Some people make resolutions that are broken by February, which always leaves a feeling of failure or defeat. I don’t want to feel like that so I am looking at things that I would like to try to accomplish in the upcoming new year. Reachable goals, things that aren’t so far fetched. Things that won’t automatically set me up for failure from the start. I’m sure that as the year moves on I will add to the list, but for now, here is the list that I have come up with so far.


1. Travel – I love to travel and I would like to travel to places that I have never seen before and explore areas that are new to me. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy at all, in fact I don’t even necessarily have to leave the US, I just like to get out there and see nature. Bonus points if there is hiking or a beach involved in these new places. Feeling nature all around you and just taking the moment to appreciate it makes my soul feel good.

2. Expand my hobby – This year I taught myself how to knit. Right now I’m only able to knit the most basic of scarves because I haven’t been devoting the time to my hobby like I should be. In 2015 I would like to finish my winter scarf that I started, learn some new patterns and start making some gifts for the people I care about. Hand made gifts have always meant more to me and I’d like to share that feeling with others.

3. Education – Who would have thought that at almost 40 years old I’d be thinking about going back to school? Well my gym trainer and I have been talking and I’m seriously going to look into going to school to get my certificate to become a personal trainer. I would love to share my success story and my knowledge with other people and be able to be the inspiration for them on their path to fitness and health. Like I said in a previous post, if I’m going to the gym to work out, I might as well get paid to be there right?

4. Continue on my fitness path – This one could tie into #3 easily. Normally I would say that I wanted to lose weight or that I wanted a flat stomach, but this year I’m thinking realistically. I want to be healthy. I want to be able to move easier and not be in pain. I want to go for long hikes or walks and feel good afterwards. I want to continue to lose inches off my body. I’m starting to understand that weight loss may not be the key to happiness like I once swore that it was. It’s been so long since the pounds have dropped off me, maybe there is a reason for that. What if my ideal body weight 180 pounds and that’s my new healthy? I’m older, I’ve had a child and I have a larger bone structure due to being Hungarian and Irish. Let’s get real, weighing 180 pounds but having muscle tone and definition is much sexier than weighing 130 pounds and looking anorexic. (Like I did way back in the day). Strong is the new sexy and I plan on continuing to gain strength and stamina so I can do the things I love to do.

5. Yoga – Ok I have a confession, I have totally abandoned my yoga practice months ago. I’m a horrible person….lol! Seriously for some reason I just stopped doing yoga. I wasn’t satisfied with my progress and it didn’t feel like it was doing much for me physically. Well I was in the mindset of having instant satisfaction and being able to do the asana poses perfectly, lose a ton of weight and tone up every flabby area on my body within a very short time period. (Setting myself up for failure). In a nutshell, I gave up on it. So I have been reading more about the practice and reading stories about why people took up the practice. I realize now that people don’t do yoga for the physical benefits that it gives them, those are just a bonus. People do yoga for the stress relief and the centering focus that it gives you. When I look at it from that perspective, I was more centered and less stressed while doing yoga. So I’ve decided that giving it another shot would do me good.

6. Food – I have another confession….I’ve gotten completely lazy when it comes to meals lately. I’ve fallen back on the old familiars of canned, boxed, instant and take out. Definitely not a good habit to be in. I’m a stay at home mom that doesn’t work yet I’m constantly saying I “don’t have time” to cook meals. I thought about this the other day, I’ve got nothing but time. Seriously what am I doing with my day when I can’t make a good meal for my family? Don’t get me wrong we don’t eat take out all the time and we don’t eat terribly like some folks but we aren’t as consistent with good choices like we once were. It’s time for me to make menu plans and shop my menu like I used to do. Try some new recipes, make more gluten free foods for myself. It’s a new year, why not try new things? Who knows our new favorite meal might just be out there waiting for me to make it.

Well those are the ones that I have come up with so far. Like I said, I will probably be adding to the list as the year moves forward and I think of new things that I would like to try, do or explore. My goals for 2015 are happiness, health and love. I think that those 3 main purposes will allow me to feel completely satisfied with my choices for everything else in life if I just do what makes me happy, healthy and feel loved.


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