Rethinking My Strategy

It has been almost a year since we changed our diets and I started exercising and being more active. My awesome panda hubby has lost over 40 pounds in a year just by changing his eating habits, his activity level hasn’t change significantly though. I however have maintained my weight and not had a significant weight loss this past year. I still feel fatigued more often than not and I’m still having hormone fluctuations that leave me feeling like I’m on an emotional roller coaster during key points in the month. I think that it’s time to change something, I just wasn’t sure what was left for me to change at this point.

My hubby likes to watch documentaries on TV. Last night we watched a few together and I have to say that I am terrified to live now. First we watched one about the perfect human diet. It was interesting to look at the evolution of eating from a scientific standpoint. When I watch these shows I take the information that is presented and form my own opinions of it by the end. I have to admit that I never realized that whole grains were such a hindrance to human digestion. Whole grains absorb nutrients from other foods that you eat preventing your body from being able to absorb the proper nutrient content. Think about it, back in the days of the first human-like beings on this planet, do you think they ate a lot of bread or grain? No they didn’t they ate plant and animal based proteins. Grains weren’t consumed until much later in the evolutionary chain. Think about this, do you know what they feed farm animals to fatten them up for consumption? Grains and corn. So is it any wonder why as a society that eats quite a bit of grains and starches that we are overweight and have health issues?

This led me to think about possibly changing our eating habits yet again. I didn’t see the vast healthy improvements overall in myself by eliminating meats from my diet. I think if we slowly reintroduce lean healthy proteins back into our diet, continue to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water and eliminate starches and grains from our diets, it might help. I also have to admit, there were times this past year that I ate meat (chicken and turkey plus fish of course) but it wasn’t all the time. I have once again gotten comfortable with prepackaged foods and convenient foods that have ingredients I can’t pronounce in them. We haven’t been angels in the kitchen by far. So I am going to start a price comparison on how we eat now, to what it would cost to incorporate lean protein and eliminate grains and starches. Meat is not cheap and as it is right now I can usually shop for our family on $120/week. That may sound like a lot, but I’m feeding 3 people 3 meals a day and snacks occasionally. Recently I’ve been feeding 4 people because my son’s friend comes over and eats with us sometimes too, so I have to make those meals stretch. I have gotten used to passing up that meat section and not having to worry about budgeting for it. Grains are cheap, so I buy lots of breads (for my hubby and son) and rice (which I seem to enjoy more than they do), tortillas, potatoes, things that I’m sure our bodies are better off without. It’s going to be a huge change and if we can manage it hopefully it will be a change for a healthier lifestyle.

We then watched a documentary about Monsanto (where GMO was born) and how their corporation is hurting farmers. I was angry watching this show and I wish that there was a regulation on packaging so you knew which foods had GMO’s in them and which didn’t. Right now companies are not obligated to include GMO in their ingredients listings or packaging, so you don’t know whether that food you are eating is GMO free or not. I hate thinking that I could be consuming a product that is laced with chemicals from Roundup. It scared me to think that maybe some of my health problems might be from the introduction of GMO based crops into agriculture. Growing up I didn’t have food allergies (other than being lactose intolerant). I wasn’t allergic to gluten, or coffee. I didn’t have an issue digesting red meat or pork. I do now. I have for years. It makes one wonder if the crap they put in our foods and the crap they feed livestock isn’t taking a toll on our bodies. We were not meant to consume herbicides and pesticides. At one point in the documentary Monsanto had made a statement that “Roundup was so harmless, you could drink it.” Excuse me, I don’t think so.

The last documentary we watched was about hydraulic fracturing or “Fracking”. This is a procedure that is used to release natural gas that is trapped in shale under ground. Feel free to read all about it on the internet there is tons of information on it. However what concerns me is that poisonous water that it produced once that gas seeps into wells. Sure our house doesn’t have a well, we use city water which comes from Lake Lanier. Sure at this time there is no drilling going on in our immediate area either. However, people being able to light the water coming out of the taps on FIRE, yeah that scared me a little. I had all these what ifs going on in my head. We filter our water as well, but I wonder that if before I started drinking filtered water, could I have been drinking water that was in some way contaminated. Maybe not fracked water but contaminated with say, agricultural run off. I came from a town in central California that was a huge agricultural hub. Dairy and pig farms were everywhere and I’m sure that couldn’t have been good for water supplies. I know that there are regulations in place (clean water act), but what if something got missed, you know? Just makes me wonder.

I’ve been exercising a lot more recently with the warmer weather making a brief appearance. As long as it’s over 50 degrees I’m out jogging/power walking around the parks and my neighborhood. I feel great while I’m working out however afterwards, I have to take a nap because the fatigue kicks my butt. I’m obviously not getting the nourishment that I need in order to support a physically active lifestyle so I have to start eating better. I’ve just reached a point where it seems like nothing I do works. My husband changes his diet and loses 40 pounds in a year, I change my diet and exercise routine and I don’t lose any? Where is fair there. There medically has to be a reason I am not losing weight. My doctors say that I’m healthy, that my heart is strong, that my lungs are strong, that I have excellent circulation….yet I can’t lose weight for anything. If it’s not a lack of movement, it’s a lack of nutrition. It’s time to make some changes and see if I get results. Don’t think that I didn’t give it enough time either, I think after almost 12 months of eating a certain way and being physically active you should see some results, even if it’s just say a few pounds. However I lose 3 gain 4, lose 2 gain 2, etc etc. There is no consistent loss involved. Yes I know losing inches is more important that losing weight too, but c’mon folks how would you feel after a year on a very restrictive diet with moderate physical exercise and no significant results? Exactly, you would feel confused or maybe even frustrated that adopting a healthier lifestyle didn’t seem to do anything different for you. It’s just a shame. Its like studying for a really hard test and doing extra work and making sure you know the material inside and out, then flunking the test. It leaves you asking yourself “What did I do wrong?”

The constant fatigue and lack of energy is my biggest issue right now. I know that has to be coming from either a lack of nourishment or some unknown problem with my metabolism. However when I had surgery last September, they checked me out fully and there were no problems with my metabolism, my thyroid or anything of that sort. So that leaves me with what I eat (or don’t eat). My exercise is getting more frequent and I’m even jogging more (somewhere between 1-2 miles) in intervals. I can go about 1/4 a mile before having to stop and walk a moment. My breathing is fine, it’s my legs burning that I’m not able to get used to. When the burn gets to much I back off and power walk then after the burn subsides I start jogging again. I enjoy it and I feel good while I’m doing it, so I’m thinking it may become a more permanent addition to my workout routine in the future. I especially love trail running and getting to see all the beautiful nature that I would normally miss from say driving in my car. There is something wonderful about being on a trail jogging and crossing a small stream, or seeing wildlife in the forests or just hearing the sounds of nature around you without hearing the sounds of urban areas. It definitely improves my mood when I workout outside.

We shall see if a diet change sparks a healthy revolution for me. Do you have any recommendations? What have you tried that has worked for you in the past, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. You might consider making sure you are getting enough protein. You should have between 60-80g per day. That might be causing the issues with your muscle burning. There are a lot of resources that trash nearly everything that is out there aside from fresh and natural, so I understand. But, it’s meant for an educational moment so we are aware of what we are feeding ourselves. If you’re interested in a great book, read Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen.

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