Listening To My Body

So it’s no secret the past few days that my moods have been completely wonky. I have been irritable, I have been so sad I can’t stop crying, I’ve been lethargic and just wanting to sleep. Sounds a bit like that crazy seasonal depression that I used to get every year during the winter has finally made an appearance. Normally I would write it off as that and just roll with it. However, lately I’ve listened a little more to see if maybe there were something my body was trying to tell me that  I was missing.

Indeed, my body is telling me plenty and I haven’t been giving it what it’s asking for at all. First thing, I’ve been craving fresh greens and vegetables. My weekly trips to the farmer’s market have stopped since I work at a grocery store. I have been getting my produce from there when I do my weekly shopping. Well, the selection of produce that is available right now is slim and my body isn’t happy with those few selections. I yearn for the days over the summer when I was trying new vegetables and fruits all the time because they were readily available to me. So I think when I do my shopping for next week my first stop will be at the farmer’s market to pick up my fresh foods, then off to the store to get the other groceries. I know my body wants and needs to be healthy because craving kale and collard greens and brussel sprouts is my new normal.

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My body is also requesting something else. Something that I haven’t really done since November. Exercise. Sure I get plenty of movement from going to work. However it is not consistent cardio or strength training. My heart rate doesn’t get into the fat burning zone and I’m not sweating when I’m done. I tried to reason with my body by telling it that since it was winter outside that exercise would be resumed when Spring arrived. Yeah, that didn’t go over very well. Not working out for a couple of months now has me feeling horrible. I’m not sleeping well at night, I’m moody, my back aches, my legs have started aching again and I’m terribly tired throughout the day. I guess it’s time to get moving. Remember all those workout videos I keep talking about, yeah it’s time to bust something out and get going. I want to see if after a few days of working out I feel better. I bet I do. I just hate working out to videos, I’d much rather be outside on the trail, but it’s 9 degrees outside today so that’s not going to happen anytime soon.


I’ve fallen off my healthy little wagon as of late and been lazy. I am going to take responsibility for my lack of actions and fess up. I’ve not been eating like I should, I’ve not been exercising or stretching like I should and now I’m paying the price for my inconsistency. I can’t believe I used to live my life feeling like this all the time and I thought it was normal, yuck. I will definitely post more about my adventures with workout videos as I do them, maybe even some pictures too!


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2 thoughts on “Listening To My Body

  1. Great way to recognize what you need and that the old ways are wrong. I am hoping to get there myself. I’ve been starting to cook again at home which, overall, is better for you and cheaper in the long run if you really add things up. I’m with you, mama. Keep it up and your body has seen how healthy it can be and it doesn’t want to go back to where it was. Way to go!

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