A Year In Review

I rang in the New Year last night by having a couple of glasses of wine and playing Monopoly Mega with my hubby and my son. Hubby totally made the best comeback of any monopoly player ever and won the game. It was fun and we toasted the New Year together with laughs and a huge family hug. A positive way to end a very busy year in the panda household. Here is what my panda family was up to in 2013:

January – packing up our house and getting ready for the big move. It was a whirlwind of packing and cleaning to start off the 2013 year for us.

February – moved to Stone Mountain Georgia. New place, new school for my son and new surroundings to familiarize ourselves with.

New House 2013

March – Settling into the new place and making sure that we have what we need.

April – We got a roommate, became vegetarian and I eliminated dairy from my diet in an effort to not aggravate my food allergies.

Purple Hat workout

May – My son graduated from 5th grade, I was diagnosed with a tumor on my ovary. I cut my 11 inches off my hair!

Long hairDakota graduation picture

June – Was exercising and working on losing weight and getting back into shape visiting the many different parks in our area. I saw a zedonk for the first time!


July – My son celebrated his 11th birthday and I celebrated my 37th birthday.

Birthday Table

August – Had to make surgery arrangements to have “Ted” the tumor removed due to increasing issues, had to eliminate exercise at this point

September – Hubby and I had our 7 year anniversary and I had surgery to have Ted removed. This was my recovery month

October – I went back to work and was cleared to start working out again, I started the C25K program. Celebrated Halloween and did some baking!

Apple PiedoughGrim ReaperHalloween Fairy

November – Due to a busy work schedule and cooler weather I stopped having structured workouts and just focused on being active at work. Celebrated Thanksgiving in TN with hubby’s family. Our roommate moved out. Hubby took me to my first orchard for apples!

mercier orchard

December – My son had his first band concert. We are getting ready for Christmas.

Band attireTuba playerStockings


Many things changed for us this year but all in all we had a decent year. There were ups, there were downs, there was pain and there was triumph. Surgery sucks and recovery from such was harder than I thought it would be. However, the panda family is still healthy and happy at the start of this new year 2014. I’m looking forward to new adventures, new journeys and plenty of memorable moments this year and I hope that my readers will have the same!

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  1. I am hoping this year cuts the distance between our families. We should know in March or April if we get to move back east. You will be one of the first to know. Happy New Year, sis!

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